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Editor’s Note | May 2017

Before you dive into the Extol Sports swim issue, I’d like to help navigate the (figurative) waters by directing you to a few must-read pieces, the first of which has nothing to do with swimming, but is a story about a man who made a choice to plunge headfirst into fighting for his life.

Jeff Nunn is a senior contributor for Cardinal Sports Zone and now a monthly writer for Extol Sports. His depth of knowledge is immense, but it wasn’t until the two of us had an informaled conversation that I learned about the incredible adversity he has faced. Instead of writing about athletics, in this issue, Jeff gives a first-person account (page 26) that is harrowing, heart-warming and inspiring. I am grateful he chose to share his story with our readers.

Speaking of inspiration, Marjorie Vowels found just that at her local YMCA swim classes. The 84-year-old shares her journey (page 10) along with advice that can be applied at any age.

Within these pages, you’ll also find stories about classes for kids at Home of the Innocents (page 24), true talk about protecting your skin by Dr. Jae Jung, oncologic dermatologist at the Norton Cancer Institute (page 12), a beautiful fashion spread by photographer Antonio Pantoja featuring handmade suits by Louisville resident Laura Patterson (page 18) and a thriller about University of Louisville athlete Mallory Comerford written by 790 KRD’s Howie Lindsey (page 32).

In this issue, you’ll also find so much more, including an update that surprised even me because it was about one of Extol’s team members.

Art Director Adam Kleinert has struggled with hypertension for years, though if you saw him in person you’d never guess that. He looks to be the picture of health and has since the day I met him years ago. You never know what the person next to you is battling, but Adam has an amazing update about his health that his wife, Kristin, shares (page 45) in this issue. Check it out. It just might inspire you to make some changes in your life. I know it has for me.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to pick us up.


Angie Fenton

Extol Sports

Editor in Chief



Editor’s Note | March 2017

Imagine willingly entering an arena where normally-civilized people told you where to go (and what to do to yourself once you got there). Professional basketball referee Eric Ballenger has done just that for 35 years.

But why?!?

In this issue of Extol Sports, writer Steve Kaufman goes behind the whistle to find out.

Art Director Adam Kleinert and I were on hand for Eric’s photo shoot with photographer Tony Bennett, but what you won’t find in this month’s cover story is anything about that enjoyable afternoon. A family man who prefers to stay out of the limelight when it comes to his second profession on the court, Eric was willing to share his story and oblige us as we tried to get the perfect shot, photographically speaking.

Hopefully, you’re not one of those folks who come unglued when a ref makes a call you don’t leagree with, but if you’re a sports lover, surely, you’ve taken a ref’s call to heart at some time or another, even quietly, haven’t you? Regardless of how you react, I encourage you to read Eric’s story to see a view from the other side. Thank you, Referee Ballenger, for being such a good sport.

Perfect Partnership

No matter what industry you work in, partnerships are key, and I’m excited to announce our latest: Beginning next issue, you’ll get to read the views from some of your favorite local hosts, reporters and personalities from 790 WKRD, which broadcasts from Louisville and is owned by iHeartMedia. Stay tuned for more.

Favorite Sports

Bar Lastly, with the debut of ExtolSports.com, we are busy compiling a list of your favorite sports bar in Kentuckiana. We’ll soon list the top favorites in a poll on the website, with the winning locale getting a fan-fueled feature in an upcoming issue of this magazine. So, send your pick in an email to angie@extolmag.com. Just be sure to put “Favorite Sports Bar” in the subject line.

As always, thanks for picking up Extol Sports.

Yours truly,

Angie Fenton

Editor in Chief