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extolteamphotos-8Angie Fenton |

Editor in Chief

Angie Fenton is a writer, editor, TV reporter, emcee, motivational speaker, wife and brand-new mom. A lover of dogs, words, people, pickles, Kenny Rogers and the nearest dance floor, Angie has a heart for helping those in need. She is @angiefenton on Twitter and @angieeff on Instagram.

                                                 extolteamphotos-4Jason Applegate |

Managing Partner and Director Advertising & Sales

Jason Applegate enjoys cooking, playing golf, and the free time he still has but knows he will soon lose now that he is a father. Coming home to his four dogs and spending time with his wife are his favorite things to do.

extolteamphotos-1Adam KleinertArt Director

Born and raised in Clark County, Adam only left the utopia of Southern Indiana to receive a formal education in fine arts at Ball State. He is the owner of Hatch Design Co. and is proudly raising his family in the region he loves. When not designing, Adam can usually be found woodworking, cooking or cheering on the Henryville Hornets.


JD DotsonExplorer

In addition to exploring for Extol, JD is co-owner of Regalo in Louisville and Southern Indiana. JD loves to hunt down the unique and eclectic things and experiences life has to offer and bring them to the store, his art, and the magazine. He can be found exploring the city and its’ parks by running through them any chance he gets on a beautiful day, and loves to road trip across the country any chance he gets. JD has explored the country numerous times by car and on foot, but always loves coming home to his husband, and the small zoo of cats, dogs and chickens he has been lucky enough to be his family.


Danny Alexander | Photographer

Tony Bennett | Photographer

David Harrison Photographer 

Dr. Mike Cassaro | Writer

Steve Kaufman | Writer

Kevin Kernen | Writer

Josh Suiter | Writer

Jim Biery | Columnist

Kevin Kerstein | Columnist

Kristin Kleinert | Columnist

Zach McCrite | Columnist


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