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screen-shot-2017-11-06-at-4-25-10-pmSure, Romeo Langford is a basketball star but his education is key, says dad Tim Langford.

By Angie Fenton | Photos by Steve Squall

It’s been nearly a year since we caught up with New Albany High School senior basketball star Romeo Langford, whom we featured in the inaugural issue of Extol Sports.

From an outside observer, life has looked like a constant whirlwind. Not so, said Romeo’s father, Tim Langford. “It’s been really fun.”

While fans have continued to debate where Romeo will end up going to college (and who knows, by the time this is published that debate might finally be settled) Tim said the teen and his family have remained focused on enjoying the ride. “The whole family is doing good,” said the elder Langford. “We stay under control. It’s not overwhelming as long as you keep everything in perspective and take it one day at a time and enjoy as we go.”

How do you stay grounded under a national spotlight that continues to intensify? In part, the daily morning phone father and son have shared since Romeo was in elementary school. Since Tim Langford goes to work very early, every morning when Romeo wakes up “we talk 3 to 5 minutes just on how he’s doing. We focus in on his school and classes. We can focus in on the sports part later after school.”

Regardless of where Romeo chooses to go to college, it’s the education aspect that is most important, Tim Langford said. “Education is the number one goal. Basketball is just a platform to get him a scholarship and get him an education. He’s going to whatever (school) he decides to, to get that degree.”

In the past, Romeo considered working toward an engineering major, but his dad says he’s now interested in studying communications, but there will be plenty of time to decide all of that later.

In the meantime, said Tim Langford, “we’re really excited about Romeo’s senior year (at New Albany) and looking forward to the whole season.”


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