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“The 41 investors who started this team did it (for three) reasons: One, we all love soccer. Two, we thought professional sports would be great for the city, and we really do. And three, when we saw we needed a soccer specific stadium, we said, ‘Let’s find the best site for that stadium for everybody.’ … When you look at this stadium, we’re only building 10,000 seats today – but we’re going to have 20,000 seats here. We’re building this thing to get an MLS franchise.”  – John Neace, Louisville City FC Chairman

By Grant Vance | Courtesy Photos

Louisville’s premiere professional soccer team, despite its relative youth to the local sporting arena, is growing at an exponential rate. With a new stadium on the way in Butchertown, and no ceiling in sight for how far the success of this football club can reach, Louisville City FC has been bending it into the net and making a positive impact on the community in a number of different ways.

Here are some recent LCFC happenings to chant with the Coopers about:

Finally, a Stadium

As any game-attending fan of LCFC knows, the team does not quite have a home of its own. Currently, home games are held at the River Bats’ Louisville Slugger stadium. A shared space is better than none at all, of course, but the upcoming LCFC designated stadium will open up a world of opportunity for growth. The site of the stadium is located in Butchertown, carefully chosen to be a central, convenient route for fans from all around. Expect the stadium to be completed in 2020.

Go to to see the full press conference.

Pitching in with Falls City

Louisville City FC has partnered with Falls City Beer. This new partnership brought with it a new brew, taking fruition with the title LouCity IPA. Released at Boombazz in St. Matthews in Louisville, this is the first of many Falls City LouCity beers to come, each of which will support a new charity.


Taking pride in Playing for Pride

The Human Rights Campaign is currently hosting a fundraiser where registered athletes for the Playing for Pride campaign will donate money according to their games played and goals scored, among other qualifiers. LCFC players Niall McCabe and Tarek Morad are taking up the mantle, donating money throughout the season to help support the LGBTQ community.

We Are Birdgang now selling Louisville City Merch

Merchandise website We Are Birdgang has officially started selling Birdgang Brand Louisville City items, including tanks, hats and original T’s. This is just one among many outlets to purchase LCFC gear, and an exciting new outlet for more variety in supportive club threads. Check out the gear at

Coach O’Connor prepping for awards season

With a (thus far) winning season for LCFC under way, Coach James O’Connor is getting ready for another season entirely. The annual Courier-Journal Sports Award Ceremony awards the best male and female high school soccer stand out in the area, this year to be presented by Coach O’Connor. Mia Hamm will be the guest speaker for the event to be held June 12 at the Louisville Palace.

While these are some of the bigger events taking place for the club, news and updates are constantly evolving. Follow the team on any of their several social media outlets and at www.

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