Inspire | June 2017

“Persevere, one of my favorite verbs in the English  language (of Latin origin),  means to continue on  steadfastly, persist. A theme of mine is to persevere  through life with intention  – not merely get by, walk, limp, or be led through a life of decisions made for me by someone else or as a result of my indecision.” – Hannah Cobine

Hannah Cobine is a Southern Indiana born, Louisville living, forever Hoosier with a degree from IU-Bloomington in Public Affairs. Project management consultant by day, fitness enthusiast, champion of women, community, and the concept of self-love by night, this occasional runway model, short-middle distance runner and terrible yet persistent golfer also is a former basketball player (who occasionally still laces up her Js) and has an ear for Jazz, R&B and Neo Soul music, and a taste for Bordeaux-style wines (specifically Carmenere…just in case you were wondering). Follow her on Instagram @hannie_b_

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