INSPIRE | January 2018

screen-shot-2017-12-28-at-4-08-14-pmPhoto by Angie Fenton

Delmar Johnson is a familiar sight to his New Albany neighbors. That’s because the 90-year-old takes a brisk walk around the neighborhood just about every single day, rain or shine (though he will – reluctantly – take a day off if the weather makes for slippery or dangerous conditions).

“I’ve always worked, and I was in the Navy and I had to do exercise, so I just kept it up,” he explained.

Mr. Johnson sets out on his walk “sometime in the middle of the afternoon,” but that’s not the only exercise he gets: He mows his own grass, rakes his leaves, tends to both a flower garden and vegetable garden, grows grapes and, “much to our displeasure,” quipped Mr. Johnson’s granddaughter Marjie Vertees, he still gets up on the roof.

“I look for things to do. I can’t stand sitting around,” Mr. Johnson said. “I’m very healthy. I feel good. I expect to see 100.”

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