Inspire | August 2017

inspireIt’s a Boy!

Normally, we post a photo of an athlete or location meant to induce inspiration. This time, however, we’re using this space to announce the birth of The Final Say columnist Zach McCrite’s second child, Monroe, though, of course, all props should be given to mama Brit McCrite, who is an inspiration herself.

Monroe Patrick McCrite was born July 5 at 4:26 p.m. at Floyd Memorial Hospital. Expect to see updates and videos of his progress in the coming weeks, months and years. Oh, and if you’re not already following Zach, you should. His Twitter handle is @BigEZ.

What or who inspires you when it comes to fitness, sports and health? Send your favorite photo and an explanation of why you think it would inspire others or what about the image inspires you, and we could publish it in an upcoming issue of Extol Sports. Email us at

Photo by Ashley Bowen Photography 

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