Humble Warrior

Photos and Story by Miranda McDonald


A Program That’s Giving Back

Micah Cargin has been practicing yoga for

himself for almost a decade. However, with the

launch of his youth program, Humble Warrior,

he will be using his knowledge of this practice

to give back to the local community.

“I always knew I wanted to give back to the

community in some way. Giving back to those

in need is something my family engrained in me

from an early age,” states Cargin as he unrolls his

yoga mat onto the wooden floor at KMAC. We are

at the local museum to talk about the launch of

Humble Warrior, and to photograph him practicing

yoga in the beautiful space.

Humble Warrior is a program that will work with

community centers and organizations to introduce

youth in economically-depressed areas to yoga.

It will do this by creating a network of certified

yoga teachers with diverse backgrounds that

will serves as mentors to these children. Cargin

believes the diversity of this network is key to the

success of the program.

“Being a black male who practices yoga, I

believe I have a unique voice that can make a

real impact in urban areas and the parts of town

that many yoga studios may not ever think to host

classes in. Most of the yoga studios are clustered

in certain areas, because that is where the current

interest is. However, many of the people in living

in these places have never even been exposed to

yoga,” explains Cargin.

Cargin believes introducing yoga to local youth

in these urban areas is important, because yoga

is not solely a physical activity. It also teaches

mindfulness and awareness.

“Yoga has helped me be more aware of my

inner thoughts and emotions, and has also helped

me with how I process them. Practicing can give

these kids another outlet for processing their

own emotions.”screen-shot-2018-03-07-at-8-31-55-am

Humble Warrior will first launch as a pilot program with a yoga

initiative this year, but Cargin won’t stop there. Over the next few

years the philanthropist plans to grow Humble Warrior into an

organization that hosts teacher trainings for those wishing to open

their own practice. Cargin also plans to use Humble Warrior as a

program that exposes impoverished youth to a variety of outlets

centered around the arts that may not otherwise be available to them.

This very idea that every child deserves access to a variety of

mediums that allow them to positively express themselves and

improve their situation is one that keeps Cargin moving forward

in his journey to turn Humble Warrior into a program that will

eventually spread to other cities across the country.

“I hope we can inspire these kids to try something different

by giving them the opportunity and tools they need to do so.

We want them to learn to be comfortable with the idea of being


Humble Warrior Contact Info:

(*Micah is in the middle of launching this, so his site is still under

construction. However, he will have this completely up and

verified before this hits the shelves.)

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