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By Adam & KristinKleinert 

Several months ago, we were privileged to meet with Case Belcher of Four Barrel CrossFit concerning our family wellness. Case developed a simple, efficient workout that could be done in the comfort of our home and adapted for the differing ages and fitness levels within our household. We shared it with our readers and received a great deal of positive feedback.

This month we are excited to announce that Extol Sports and FamFitter have teamed up once again with Four Barrel. This time, Coach Case has created three full-body workouts designed to be completed at home. As before, these movements can all be adapted for different strength and age levels. In addition, they are meant to be utilized over a week’s time, with free movement days and rest days included, which is perfect for busy families. We are excited to put it to work with our own gang and we know you will be, too. screen-shot-2017-08-05-at-5-13-27-pm

The Important Basics 

All three workouts include warm-ups and flexibility work. According to Coach Case, they are designed to:

1. Prime the body and correct movement through the warm-up. 

2. Give an effective dose of strength and conditioning through the WOD (workout of the day). 

3. Increase flexibility and help reduce injury with a post-WOD yoga/stretching session. 

“Each workout is designed around efficiency … for folks looking for maximum results with the minimum effective time and dose, “ says Case. “Each day can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.”

In addition, Case recommends: “These workouts can be repeated for a few weeks. After that, reps should be added and movements should be mixed to keep progress moving forward.”

Below you’ll find a description of each workout described in an easy, daily format. Remember to visit for detailed descriptions or videos of proper movements.

The “Catch” 

Avid readers know that FamFitter is committed to implementing wellness into the lives of busy, active families. You may remember that we’ve mentioned we aren’t looking (or even willing) to purchase expensive exercise equipment in order to develop fitness levels among our family members. However, you’ll note that the workouts listed below include movements that involve resistance bands and gymnastics rings.

In working with Case and Four Barrel Fitness, we’ve learned how difficult it is to train one’s back in a home environment without the use of some type of equipment. Case says rings and resistance bands are the most versatile AND economic options available. “What’s more, rings and a band are the best way to correct the postural and shoulder issues that plague most of our population,” says Case. Therefore, we’ve agreed the investment (approximately $18 for a set of bands and $55 for rings; see links below) is well worth the cost.

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