Exercise Video Gallery

The exercise video gallery for FamFitter is powered by Four Barrel Fitness.

Case Belcher, owner of Four Barrel Fitness, provides the ‘how-to-do’ various poses that are referred in the column, FamFitter. Case shared both full version and scaled down versions of exercises.  The scaled down versions will help beginners or physically restricted completed the exercise.

If you have questions for Case or would like to know more about Four Barrel Fitness, please contact Case at info@fourbarrelcrossfit.com, call 502-509-380 or visit www.fourbarrelcrossfit.com.

Full Versions:

Lateral Openers

Downward Dog/Upward Dog

Knee Hug to Backward Lunges

Sumo Squats



Straight Leg Sit-ups

Cat Cows

Child’s Pose

Pigeon Pose (per side)

Shoulder Opener (per side)


Scaled Version:

Elevated Push-ups

Chair Squats

Assisted Sit-ups