Excuses Are Like…

By Angie Fenton

I recently saw before and after photos of a 40-something-year-old woman who had gained more than 60 pounds while pregnant and, a year later, was fitter than she’d ever been. You go girl, I thought, feeling inspired by her success.

And then I saw she was a mother of five, worked full-time, active in her church, a member of several charity boards and cared for her home in a way that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Suddenly, my inspiration turned to embarrassment. If she could juggle all of that and get into the best shape of her life, what was wrong with me? That’s when the excuses started flowing.

There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I’ve got to do the laundry and vacuum the house.

I’ll work out tomorrow.

I have to work late.

I have to get to work super early.

I have an online video meeting.

I am SO exhausted.

I need to sleep.

I’ll start next week.

I am overwhelmed.

I have to take care of the dogs and cats.

I’ll get back to it just as soon as __________ is over.

If I work out in the morning/night, that’s not fair to my husband. How is he supposed to get ready for work with a toddler and six animals who need us both?

I’ll start my workout and diet regimen again as soon as I get rid of these allergies.

My daughter needs my time.

I just can’t right now. But I will soon. Seriously. I mean it. I will be back at it soon. I committed to getting fit. I started getting fit. I lost weight. I began to get healthier. And then I didn’t, and I started to make excuses and accepted where I was.

I’d done enough. I’d lost weight.

I’m fine where I am, with who I am.

I can’t fit in anything else in my day.

I need a day off.

My family/colleagues/pets need me and THAT is my priority.

But here’s the thing: Excuses are like opinions — everybody has them. The aforementioned ones? They’re all mine. I have made every excuse in the book and then some to stop me from my goal of getting fit so I can live a longer life with my child, husband and those I love.

“I may not be ready to compete in a bodybuilding contest in October like I’d hoped, but I am ready to start anew,” I text my trainer Ryan Schrink. “It’s time to go hard and heavy. My heart and soul and health need this.”

No excuses this time.

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