Editor’s Note | September 2017


Louisville City FC supporter Joey Cecil gets candid about the fight of his life.

I’m not going to rehash The Great American Eclipse. Goodness knows we’ve all seen enough. But I am going to ask you to take a moment – no special glasses needed – to look up and into the pages of this issue of Extol Sports.

Here, you’ll find inspiration. You’ll also discover simple ways you can help a fellow human being who needs your kindness, at least three, in fact.

Life is precious and fleeting. Want to make people feel like they matter? Turn the page read, keep turning and then do something to make someone feel like they matter.


After a cycling accident, Dave Miller is on the road to recovery – and you can help.

Need a lift? We have that, too, here in the pages of Extol Sports. There’s levity and laughter. Goodness knows we all could use both.

But don’t forget: We also talk sports, fitness and health.

As always, thank you for taking the time to pick us up.



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