Editor’s Note | March 2018

By Angie Fenton


Depending on which statistics you go by, less than 1 percent of us

will ever complete a marathon. Paul Erway, who is featured on our

cover, has completed 50 in 50 states in 50 weeks. As impressive

as that is – and it is undeniably impressive – that’s not what struck

me most about his story, which was written by writer Steve Kaufman

(you can find it on page 16).

It’s one thing to share a tale of physical resolve, but Paul also was

candid about the pitfalls and harsh challenges, including the moment

when he contemplated ending it all. Admitting this out loud and

allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to do so takes strength.

That is what struck me the most about Paul’s story, his willingness to

be so candid about enduring such despair and the remarkable way

he was able to pull himself out of it by reaching out to help others

as he also developed into a phenomenal athlete. I encourage you

to not only read his story but also read his book.

In the January issue of Extol Sports, we featured Brad Luttrell,

co-founder and CEO of GoWild, an app for people who love the

outdoors. Thanks to the popularity, Brad recently left his job at

OOHology to focus full-time on GoWild. “This app has taken off

faster than I ever imagined,“ said Brad when I asked for an update.

“We’ve slowed our marketing efforts down and are still adding 80

people per day to the app. With revenue up 500 percent so far this

year, and a lot of advertiser inquiries coming in, I just felt that if I

was ever going to give this thing my full attention, this was it. I’m so

grateful for all of the people who have helped GoWild so far, from my

family to my team at OOHology to our investors. It’s been an exciting

and wild ride thus far. Here’s to what’s next.” Congratulations to the

GoWild team and here’s to their continued success!

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