John Hunter of Go Wild

Editor’s Note | January 2018

By Angie Fenton

John Hunter of Go Wild

John Hunter of Go Wild

Growing up in rural Michigan, my siblings and I tended a massive garden. Together, we hoed, planted and plucked weeds, drowning tomato worms in a bucket the mealy color of canned peas. Although it wasn’t always fun, we took pride in helping our parents gather the fruits – and vegetables – of our labor.

Before winter set in, we chopped down trees – only taking what we needed – and gathered the wood as a family, stacking the logs and kindling to feed the wood stove and fireplace that would help heat our home all winter long.

We didn’t have much, but we had each other and the land that we lived on, acreage that backed up to a national forest, which afforded us memories I still treasure.

One of those includes watching my father harvest a deer. After rising early in the morning and successfully killing a buck, he hung it from our swing set. I watched him for hours, fascinated and grateful. The meat would feed our family for months.

I still recall proudly bringing a hoof wrapped in a paper lunch bag to show-n-tell a couple days later and explaining to my classmates why that deer was so important to our family.

In this issue of Extol Sports, we feature the brilliant team behind GoWild, an app for outdoors enthusiasts of all types. Unlike people who “trophy” hunt, the GoWild team is serious about conservation and utilizing as much of a catch as possible, which I appreciate.

In these pages, you’ll also find inspiration from a 90-year-old man who expects to see the age of 100; The Final Say columnist Zach McCrite’s personal views about former University of Louisville athletics director Tom Jurich (we moved Zach’s column from the last page to accommodate the length of his column); a 50-year-old aerialist who is proving, thanks to Norton Healthcare, age is nothing but a number; and running routes for people of all manner of fitness by writer/photographer/runner JD Dotson.

In 2018, my hope is to get more feedback from you, our readers, on the stories and people you’d like to see us feature. I always welcome comments, criticism, kudos and article ideas. So, please, send them my way to or call/text 502.551.2698.

Happy New Year!

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