Darn You, Taco Tuesday

screen-shot-2018-03-07-at-10-54-31-amBy Angie Fenton

Each time I falter on my quest to get fit, I come

back with a fervor. Recently, I allowed myself to

be derailed by Taco Tuesday. No, I didn’t not

want ground turkey tacos on a low-carb tortilla,

I wanted to go to El Nopal and eat my weight in

chips and salsa and order authentic ground beef

and cheese tacos, thank you very much. I did, I

enjoyed and then I started on the “right” path

once again the next day, this time cajoling my

husband into joining me.

One of our downfalls is a lack of time, which

means grabbing whatever we can throw together

and making a meal out of it. Although we don’t

usually keep sweets and junk food in the house

– our toddler’s nearly 2-pound box of baked

Goldfish crackers doesn’t count, although their

little carb-filled bodies sure can be tempting –

taking the time to prepare healthy fare can be

time consuming and leaves room to make excuses

about why we should just pick up something to-go

at a local restaurant.

So, I eked out an afternoon and spent it cooking,

chopping and baking a variety of foods so they’d be

there at the ready. Then, I took out our food scale

and packaged meals in Tupperware containers

that have separators. For two days, my husband

and I stayed steady: We drank at least 8 ounces of

water with lemon juice first thing in the morning.

Breakfast was an egg sandwich (one egg for me;

two for him) on multigrain Sandwich Slims.

Lunch was 4 ounces of baked chicken breast I’d

already cut into pieces with steamed asparagus

spears and a portion of a sweet potato. Dinner

was the same minus the added carbs. I started

actually measuring the amount of creamer I put

in my morning coffee and was astounded by the

amount. I’m not giving up the java, but I’ve started

making it less like a milkshake and am enjoying

the true taste of coffee for the first time.

The husband and I were a team on this mission,

encouraging one another to keep going. Then, one

night we both came home ravenous and unwilling

to eat yet another meal of chicken and asparagus.

Instead of derailing our progress, we Googled a

few recipes for a filling ramen dish and then went

about creating our own using chicken broth, all

kinds of vegetables, lean pork, shrimp and our

new favorite noodle substitute, House Foods Tofu

Shirataki (20 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of

carbs per package). After simmering everything

together and adding Sriracha sauce and other

spices, we topped each bowl with a poached egg

and micro greens and had a delicious, healthy,

filling ramen rendition. Even the 2-year-old

enjoyed it, spice and all.

To combat our food boredom, which helps keep us on track, I’m getting more creative with our prepared meals by varying

them. One of my new favorites is an arugula salad topped with vegetables

and chicken followed by a dose of Walden Farms Honey Dijon dressing

(calorie free, sugar free, fat free, carb free, gluten free, cholesterol free). Even

though the dressing is more expensive than I’d like, it’s worth it, since I’m

one of those who likes a little salad with their dressing. It’s also really good

and comes in a variety of flavors, including Thousand Island and Ranch.

At this point, I am feeling good about our progress, regardless of how slow

it is, and also fully accept that I will be derailed by Taco Tuesday in the near

future and enjoy every moment of it before picking up where I left off and

moving forward again.

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