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Do The Work: Why Physical Therapy Is Important

By Mary Wolf Detwiler | Courtesy Photo Each year, millions of people utilize physical therapy services. So we sat down with Chad Garvey, clinic director for KORT Louisville Downtown, to ask him why it’s so important. Extol Magazine: How long have you been studying physical therapy? Chad Garvey: I’ve been a formal, licensed physical therapist…Read More


Everybody into the Pool

It’s summer. If you want to do more than splash around, here are some water workout tips for you. By Steve Kaufman | Illustration by Adam Kleinert To the fitness instruction world, you’re a “health seeker.” If you’re anywhere from your late 30s through your 50s, and you’re seeking to get back in the gym or the…Read More


Eat Like A MacroMan

By Angie Fenton | Courtesy Photos Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste, especially when you’re following a recipe by an expert like Pasha Volokh, owner of MacroMan Meals, a locally-owned custom meal-prep service. Pasha, an NPC bodybuilder, started the business “with the goal of helping and educating the public about the importance of…Read More


Why Does Everything Hurt Worse in Cold Weather?

Story by Dr. Mike Cassaro Most people with a chronic pain problem have noticed that pain is worse in winter. It doesn’t matter what type of pain, it’s worse this time of year than it was in the summer. So, what is the answer and why is pain worse in the winter? There have been some…Read More