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INSPIRE | February 2018

Photo of Shannon Burton by Ronnie Louis I have wanted to have a shot like this ever since I saw the shot of Michael Jordan in this pose when I was a young girl. Basketball was my life once upon a time. I was blessed enough to get a full scholarship to both Duke University…Read More


INSPIRE | January 2018

Photo by Angie Fenton Delmar Johnson is a familiar sight to his New Albany neighbors. That’s because the 90-year-old takes a brisk walk around the neighborhood just about every single day, rain or shine (though he will – reluctantly – take a day off if the weather makes for slippery or dangerous conditions). “I’ve always…Read More


Inspire | December 2017

Photo by Christian Watson taken at the Falls of the Ohio “If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” –Kevin Ngo of  


INSPIRE | Freedom & Fitness, Too

Photo by Christian Watson Nine years ago, Gaurav Zane Sharma moved from India to the United States at the age of 21. Today, he is an American citizen, a successful business owner, husband and father living in Southern Indiana. “I came to the USA for freedom and opportunity so I could feel what it is…Read More

Photo of the Aug. 21 eclipse viewed through tree leaves in Southern Indiana.

Inspire | September 2017

The Eclipse! Where were you Aug. 21, 2017, during the Great American Eclipse? Whether you travelled to experience totality, stepped outside of your workplace or home to take a (hopefully safe) glance or didn’t give it a moment’s thought, many did on all accounts. And we’ll have the opportunity to do so again in seven…Read More


Inspire | August 2017

It’s a Boy! Normally, we post a photo of an athlete or location meant to induce inspiration. This time, however, we’re using this space to announce the birth of The Final Say columnist Zach McCrite’s second child, Monroe, though, of course, all props should be given to mama Brit McCrite, who is an inspiration herself….Read More


Inspire | July 2017

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses – or strike a pose.” –Erica Weddle   What or who inspires you when it comes to fitness, sports and health? Send your favorite photo and an explanation of why you think it would inspire others or what about the image inspires you, and we could…Read More


Inspire | June 2017

“Persevere, one of my favorite verbs in the English  language (of Latin origin),  means to continue on  steadfastly, persist. A theme of mine is to persevere  through life with intention  – not merely get by, walk, limp, or be led through a life of decisions made for me by someone else or as a result…Read More