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From Whiskey Anesthesia to a 3D-Printed Heart

125 Years of Norton Children’s Hospital on Display at the Frazier COURTESY PHOTOS Brace yourself. The following is a bit, um, tough to stomach: “With anesthesia not yet available in 1892, 5-year-old Radford Duff was given a shot of whiskey and salt-packed ice to numb his hip before surgery 125 years ago at Norton Children’s…Read More


Why Wait? 9 Resolutions to Make Now

Who says you have to wait until New Year’s to take steps toward a healthier future?  By Angie Fenton If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve made a New Year’s resolution. Then, like 92 percent of us, you failed to make it stick. Yet, instead of simply starting over – and over and…Read More

Abel Belcher demonstrates the right way.

Health Corner | Helmet Safety

Buckle Up! Here’s Why You Should Go Head-First Into Bicycle Safety With Your Kiddo By Angie Fenton | Photos by Adam Kleinert  Less than five minutes after posting a photo of my toddler, Olive, on her new tricycle while haphazardly wearing her helmet on social media, I received three inbox messages essentially saying, “Your daughter’s…Read More


Health Corner | September 2017

Wide, Weighty Load Your child’s backpack is probably heavier than you think  BY JOE HALL As the school year kicks off with that new backpack full of school supplies, now is the time to do a safety check on your child’s back. “Many students carry too much weight on their backs, opting to skip their…Read More


Health Corner | August 2017

It’s Football Time – But What’s The Impact? Thanks to a grant from Norton Healthcare, some Southern Indiana football players are benefiting from testing that will help keep them safer. BY LYNNE CHOATE A recent study confirms a connection between a brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and individuals who played football. CTE was…Read More


Health Corner | July 2017

No, Really, I’m Cool! 4 ways to steer clear of heat-related illness and how to recognize the signs. BY ABIGAIL CHAMBERS AND LYNNE CHOATE Young or old. Outside working, playing or just relaxing. The heat doesn’t care who you are and  can hit you like a brick if you’re not careful. With temperatures expected to climb…Read More


Are Ticks Worse This Year?

And step-by-step instructions on removing those pesky (and potentially dangerous) bugs By Joe Hall, Norton Children’s Prevention and Wellness A colleague of mine was recently traumatized after she found a tick on her head. She discovered it while driving and, in a moment of panic, ripped it off and tried to drown it in her…Read More


A Day at the Beach is No Day at the Beach

It’s good to be outdoors in the summer sun, staying active and enjoying  a vigorous lifestyle. Just do it in a healthy manner. And know the risks. By Steve Kaufman | Illustration By Adam Kleinert Oh, the things we tell ourselves when the summer sun begins to blaze. I’ll only be out for a little…Read More


Want to Stay Fit during Pregnancy? Here’s How

By Lisa Horning | Photos by David Harrison Many Women continue their exercise regimen throughout their pregnancies, but you wouldn’t expect an intense workout like CrossFit to be right for this so-called delicate condition. Some Southern Indiana women are showing that delicate is out and strong is in. Renee Belcher, whose baby is due April…Read More


Your Health’s Best Friend

Your dog or cat is a companion, a pal, a family member. But, according  to an area physician, it’s also an important part of your wellness. Story by Steve Kaufman | Photos by David Harrison PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN is once supposed to have said about the cutthroat political environment in the capital: “Want a friend…Read More