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Editor’s Note | March 2018

By Angie Fenton Depending on which statistics you go by, less than 1 percent of us will ever complete a marathon. Paul Erway, who is featured on our cover, has completed 50 in 50 states in 50 weeks. As impressive as that is – and it is undeniably impressive – that’s not what struck me…Read More


EDITOR’S NOTE | February 2018

By Angie Fenton Photo by Christian Watson One of the best aspects about being the editor of a publication is getting to know the people and places writers and photographers highlight. Sometimes, though, it’s also getting to know the individuals who pen and capture the stories. I had no idea until this issue was being…Read More

John Hunter of Go Wild

Editor’s Note | January 2018

By Angie Fenton Growing up in rural Michigan, my siblings and I tended a massive garden. Together, we hoed, planted and plucked weeds, drowning tomato worms in a bucket the mealy color of canned peas. Although it wasn’t always fun, we took pride in helping our parents gather the fruits – and vegetables – of…Read More


Editor’s Note | November 2017

The past month has been a tough one for many sports fans, especially fellow Louisville supporters. It’s been a constant game of “But Wait – There’s More.” So, what happens next for the local sports landscape? We asked Howie Lindsey of 790 KRD to tackle this question, which undoubtedly was a challenging task for our…Read More


Editor’s Note | October 2017

Pizza Today Art Director Josh Keown shot this month’s cover story, including that delicious cover shot. He’s also featured as our Athlete Next Door – and for good reason. Despite traveling the country photographing, featuring and often tasting pies for a living, after recently turning 40, Josh is in the best shape of his life….Read More


Editor’s Note | September 2017

I’m not going to rehash The Great American Eclipse. Goodness knows we’ve all seen enough. But I am going to ask you to take a moment – no special glasses needed – to look up and into the pages of this issue of Extol Sports. Here, you’ll find inspiration. You’ll also discover simple ways you…Read More


Editor’s Note | August 2017

We’re ready for football, as you’ll see in this latest issue. We’re also excited about our cover story featuring Corey Queen. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Corey’s story. This is a don’t miss. Additionally, congrats to our columnist Zach McCrite and his amazing wife Brit, who recently welcome their second child (see INSPIRE for…Read More


Editor’s Note | July 2017

Years ago, when I was editor of my college newspaper, an internationally-known author was scheduled to speak as part of a campus series of presentations from people who were considered icons in their respective fields. The writer had been a hero of mine ever since my Grandpa and Grandma Bignall bought one of her books…Read More


Editor’s Note | June 2017

When Carol Graham Cline first came up with the idea of hosting a charity golf scramble the day after the Kentucky Derby, I was skeptical. Really skeptical. Who in the world is going to want to attend yet another event after Derby? I thought. Thankfully, Carol and her crew plunged ahead with plans for Hair…Read More