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The Endless Story of Tom Jurich

By Zach McCrite It never ends. Every month, I am given carte blanche to write about whatever I want to write about in this space. My goal, obviously, is to write about what people in the community want to read about when they open a Kentuckiana-based sports magazine. And every month, seemingly, here I am,…Read More


Crash the Class

B.YOU Bounce Class We wanted to know why so many people are raving about B.You’s bouncing approach to fitness. So, we recently crashed a B.Bounce class held at the New Albany location. “Bouncing – aka rebounding – is widely used across the world in physical therapy clinics because it is a perfect way to increase…Read More


Stressed Out

You’ve read about how busy is our family, and, if you’re feeling that hustle and bustle is a recurring theme in our household, you’re spot on. It’s a way of life for us and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. We work at streamlining the stress when we can but, admittedly, we often become overwhelmed….Read More

John Hunter  
Photo by Danny Alexander

A Walk on the Wild Side

GoWild, a new outdoors app, was created by Louisville-area entrepreneurs to form a community – from grizzled hunters to novice campers to “noodlers” BRAD LUTTRELL was walking through the woods in Bell County in the fall of 2016, scouting for deer, when the question flashed in his mind: “When I get one, am I even…Read More


With the Greatest of Ease

Louisville’s Terri Kendall is an aerialist, flying above the crowd on silks or a rope. Even at 50, after an injury, she’s not letting her dream get away. It took her too long to get there. Thanks to Terri Kendall turned 50 last year – which is kind of astounding, given how active and powerful…Read More