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LeanX at Four Barrel

STORY & PHOTOS BY JD DOTSON I arrived a bit early at Four Barrel to get signed in before the Lean X class. There is a small reception area, offices and bathrooms and Four Barrel merchandise shelves before you enter the door to the gym. On this particularly warm, humid day, the massive warehouse space…Read More


Getting to the Good Stuff!

By Adam and Kristen Kleinert So, you’ve read a little bit about us and our pursuit of being a fitter family. In addition to incorporating healthier eating habits, you’ve learned about our struggle to squeeze in a consistent exercise routine. Had we become more active? Yes. Were we being efficient and getting the most out of the…Read More


The Problem with Push-Ups

Push-ups are fundamental to human movement. Whether you’re a grandmother or a football player, the need for proper pressing mechanics and core strength are essential. (that’s right, push-ups build core strength too).   By Case Belcher of Four Barrel CrossFit So whats the problem? Odds are, most of us are doing them wrong. I’ve taught…Read More