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Experience | Dance Fitness Get Down and Get Fit

BY LISA HORNUNG  Dancing has been a way to stay in shape for millennia. Since Jazzercise was founded by Judy Sheppard Missett in 1969 – and Jane Fonda released her own fitness videos in the 1980s – the dance fitness craze hasn’t slowed much. Susan Essing-Spiller, who teaches Jazzercise in New Albany and Louisville, said…Read More


Experience | Pound Your Way to Health 

STORY & PHOTOS BY JD DOTSON  Always up for new challenges in my workout,a friend of mine from the YMCA asked if I had ever heard of a POUND class. “It’s working out with drumsticks,” she explained, “set to pop music.” My interest was piqued, though I forgot the fact that I have no actual…Read More


LeanX at Four Barrel

STORY & PHOTOS BY JD DOTSON I arrived a bit early at Four Barrel to get signed in before the Lean X class. There is a small reception area, offices and bathrooms and Four Barrel merchandise shelves before you enter the door to the gym. On this particularly warm, humid day, the massive warehouse space…Read More


Run For The Fun Of It

Our Explorer JD Dotson Shares His Favorite Picks   Story and photos by JD Dotson There is something in my nature that needs to mix up my scenery, wanderlust that keeps me exploring new places and seeking new adventures and experiences. That wanderlust spills into my running and makes training on a treadmill or counting…Read More