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Off The Page with Extol | March Sports: Bad Call?

Off the Page with Extol takes a timeout to talk to our March Sports cover referee, Eric Ballenger.  During the NCAA Basketball tournament, the refs took a beating.  How does our favorite ref see the call? There’s always more to the story. Find out more when you listen to Off The Page with Extol Magazine….Read More


He’s the Guy You Love to Hate

Basketball fans revere their own players and may respect opponents. But nobody loves the referees. Here’s a look from the ref’s side of the ball.  By Steve Kaufman | Photos by Tony Bennett and Tab Brockman on behalf of Murray State Athletics Most days, Eric Ballenger wears a traditional shirt and tie to the office, where…Read More


Yoga for Climbers

By Jessica Malloy | Photos by Danny Alexander Photos of Jessica Malloy taken at Climb Nulu, 1000 E. Market St. in Louisville  Whether you’ve been climbing since the 70s or just started yesterday, there is something addictive about the ascent. It is a sport that calls upon muscles in the body you might not have…Read More


Keeping up With Adam Baylor

Adam Baylor, second place winner of Extol’s Inaugural Benchmark Mile, is nearing the completion of his first year as a New Albany Firefighter. On the other hand, he’s also a Spartan, Tough Mudder and Rugged Maniac, to name a few of his prestigious titles.  By Grant Vance | Photos by Danny Alexander Firefighting, in and of itself, is a…Read More