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As Crean Departs, Let’s Be Excited and Grateful

By Zach McCrite Indiana University basketball is back on the map. Of course, it’s not quite the map Hoosiers fans we’re looking to find their team on. It’s the “hey, we’re back in the news” map, except it has nothing to do with winning. Tom Crean is no longer the men’s basketball coach at Indiana…Read More


Your Guide To March In A Hoops-Crazed Region

By Zach McCrite People always claim that certain non-December times of the year are their own “Christmas.” I am no exception. March is my Christmas. I, admittedly (and sadly) pay less attention to my family in March than any other month. Moreover, I probably get less work done in March than any other time of…Read More


This Old Soul Wants His Rivalry Back

By Zach McCrite I used to laugh at old people. I mean, seriously, how many times can we be told about you old people walking uphill to school, both ways? Barefoot in the snow, of course. But then, a funny thing happened in 2012. I became old. As a native Hoosier doing a sports radio…Read More


A Letter to My Children About Playing the Game

By Zach McCrite In my last column, among other things, you learned that my wife, Brittany, and I are expecting another child in July, exactly two years after the birth of our first child – a baby girl named Remington (as time goes on you’ll continue to learn more about the lovable, yet sometimes delirious…Read More