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It’s Time for David Padgett to Diversify

By Zach McCrite know I have. David Padgett should do this. If I were David Padgett, save for a dream postseason by the Cardinals, I wouldn’t want to be at the University of Louisville after this season ends. That’s nothing against Padgett. Quite the opposite. I’m a fan of what he’s done at U of…Read More


The Local College Hoops Scene Is Bonkers | The Final Say

By Zach McCrite What an unusual college sports landscape we’re in right now in Kentuckiana. Sure, pro sports chatter is primarily about the athletes. But in major, revenue-producing college athletics, the primary subject of the ire for media and fans (save for very few exceptions) is the head coach. And in our area, we’re in…Read More


The Endless Story of Tom Jurich

By Zach McCrite It never ends. Every month, I am given carte blanche to write about whatever I want to write about in this space. My goal, obviously, is to write about what people in the community want to read about when they open a Kentuckiana-based sports magazine. And every month, seemingly, here I am,…Read More


Regardless Of Your Thoughts On Pitino, He Is Missed Right Now

By Zach McCrite  I already miss Rick Pitino. Truly, I do. This is to say nothing negative towards David Padgett, the interim head coach of the University of Louisville basketball team. He’s a fine man in a precarious spot. I’m also not implying that Rick Pitino should still be the coach of the Cardinals. No…Read More


The Final Say with Zach McCrite | The Sensationalism Of The Must-Win 

By Zach McCrite This is a “must-win” column. I must win this column or else something will happen, right? Let me explain. I would define myself as a lot of different things: I’m a parent. A husband. I’m a son and a brother. Go ahead and mark me down for coach, rabid eater and fan…Read More


The Final Say | September 2017

Role Play: If I Were Athletic Director At Louisville I should be an athletic director. Well, I guess I should first explain: I am not qualified to be an athletic director at the collegiate level. Why? Well, I’m not real good at raising money. You got to be the ringleader of raising a lot of…Read More


The Final Say | August 2017

Zach’s State Of College Football Address By Zach McCrite  Here ye, here ye. As we embark on another season of college football, in the backyard of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, it is I, the all-knowing (hardly), almighty (not really) Zach McCrite here, leader of Sports Gasbag Nation, to give you the State of College…Read More

Louisville Baseball’s Success Was Perfect Timing

The boys of summer were at it again in June. University of Louisville baseball was once again a College World Series participant. And they were the lipstick on the pig. Let me explain. For the fourth time in school history and third time in five years the Cardinals have made it to the promised land…Read More


The Final Say | The Offseason: Where We Celebrate Sports Hope

By Zach McCrite To the regular human, there are four seasons. And here we are, embarking on one of those seasons: summer. The sun shines (usually), the temperature is hot (most of the time) and the kids are out of school (have fun, parents). That’s to the regular human being. However, to most of you…Read More


Everyone Else Has The Power Except The Student-Athlete In College Sports

By Zach McCrite It’s a wonderful thing… if used properly. The problem with college athletics is that “power” and “properly” are never used in the same sentence. We’ve lived in this world for quite some time now where the coach (and by extension, the athletic director who hired the coach) at a big conference school…Read More