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Working Toward Some Peace | FamFitter

By Adam & Kristin Kleinert  Last month, we briefly illustrated the effects stress often has on our family. If you didn’t catch that particular column, just know that the role stress plays in our household is significant, both individually and as a family unit. And, because we agreed that our current stressors are simply a…Read More


Stressed Out

You’ve read about how busy is our family, and, if you’re feeling that hustle and bustle is a recurring theme in our household, you’re spot on. It’s a way of life for us and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. We work at streamlining the stress when we can but, admittedly, we often become overwhelmed….Read More


FamFitter: Year in Review

By Adam & Kristin Kleinert  A year’s worth of exploring the path to a fitter family has made for an interesting journey. Words we’d use to describe it include the following: frustrating, enlightening, empowering, entertaining. Sometimes it was rather fun; sometimes it was a downright chore, though it was never boring. This month, as the…Read More


Let Them Be Coached | FamFitter

By Adam & Kristin Kleinert Basketball season is a bustling time in the Kleinert household. It’s been like this for some years now and, though it’s a hectic time for our family, we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, our oldest child’s first public outing (she’s now a freshman) was to attend…Read More

Some days Brahm would rather work on the ballfield
instead of play on it...and that’s ok.

Fam Fitter | Fostering Individual Enthusiasm

By Adam & Kristin Kleinert  When we began our journey to become a fitter family, we chose a cohesive approach to overall family health. This concept appealed to us not only due to the simplicity just one plan can be to implement, but also because we place such value in our time spent together. Thus…Read More


What’s in Your Lunchbox?

  Editor’s Note: Normally, Kristin Kleinert and her husband Adam pen this column together. This time, Kristin took the helm.  My job at our local school includes daily cafeteria duty for kindergarten/first grade lunch. Believe me when I say that this ritual is a whole institution in itself: It’s messy and chaotic, and it’s NEVER…Read More


Fam Fitter | Moving On

By Adam & KristinKleinert  Several months ago, we were privileged to meet with Case Belcher of Four Barrel CrossFit concerning our family wellness. Case developed a simple, efficient workout that could be done in the comfort of our home and adapted for the differing ages and fitness levels within our household. We shared it with…Read More


Oh, How We Have Fallen

Editor’s Note: Normally, Kristin Kleinert and her husband Adam pen this column together. This time, Adam is sharing an experience involving Tim Tebow that he had with one of his four children.  As a parent, you’re always glad when your offspring show enthusiasm for role models of whom you personally approve. That’s why I recently…Read More


Taste the “Real” Rainbow

By Adam & Kristen Kleinert Summertime is the perfect time to up your fresh food game. Farmers markets are springing up, roadside stands are abundant and the fresh fruits and veggies at the supermarket are beautiful. A delicious change from the produce we’re forced to purchase in the colder months (we live in the Midwest after…Read More


Get Your Swim On!

By Adam and Kristen Kleinert In the spirit of this, the Extol Sports Swim Issue, we thought we’d focus on the concept of family swim time. After all, who doesn’t love an afternoon spent poolside or a weekend at the lake? But we often forget the numerous health benefits swimming has to offer and, this month, we want…Read More