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Darn You, Taco Tuesday

By Angie Fenton Each time I falter on my quest to get fit, I come back with a fervor. Recently, I allowed myself to be derailed by Taco Tuesday. No, I didn’t not want ground turkey tacos on a low-carb tortilla, I wanted to go to El Nopal and eat my weight in chips and…Read More


Six Things I’ve Learned in 2017

By Angie Fenton Numbers matter…and don’t. I weighed nearly 180 pounds when I gave birth to my daughter in January 2016. Saying, “I want to lose weight” was easy, but what did that really mean? To be healthy, for my 5-foot-2 frame, I was told I should weigh between 110 and 140 pounds. But thanks…Read More


Stop Sitting on the Sideline

Forget your goals for a moment: Getting physically fit can be fun. Last month, I reported that I’m now facing a little hiccup in my quest to compete in a bodybuilding contest because of what’s informally called “mommy thumb” but is technically known as De Quervain Syndrome. My left hand has lost strength and mobility,…Read More


BodyBuilderMom | August 2017

Mommy Woes By Angie Fenton In January 2016, I gave birth to the little body I “built” inside my own. Months later, I made a commitment to get fit and – eventually – compete in a bodybuilding contest for what will be the fourth time. Yes, the latter is going to still happen, though not…Read More


Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar  The other day, my electronic scale lied to me.  I knew I’d had some losses – which translate into gains – in terms of body fat and weight, but I wasn’t prepared for what the scale said amounted to an almost 15-pound loss during the two-month period when I essentially plateaued due to…Read More


Excuses Are Like…

By Angie Fenton I recently saw before and after photos of a 40-something-year-old woman who had gained more than 60 pounds while pregnant and, a year later, was fitter than she’d ever been. You go girl, I thought, feeling inspired by her success. And then I saw she was a mother of five, worked full-time,…Read More


On Being Perfectly Imperfect

In the April 2017 issue, I shared my struggles with body image and received much feedback from readers who battle with negative self-talk, too. In the words below, Rebekah Hilbert of Norton Sports Health offers a few valuable suggestions to help you refocus and start celebrating yourself. –Angie Fenton, Editor in chief By Rebekah Hibbert…Read More


I am Enough. And so are you.

By Angie Fenton “I am worthless.” “You are an embarrassment!” “No one will ever love me.” “You are fat and lazy.” “I am so stupid.” “You are so ugly you should kill yourself.” These are only a sample of the statements hundreds of freshman girls at Assumption High School (AHS) in Louisville have shared when…Read More


Body Builder Mom | Finally a Loser

By Angie Fenton Sometimes it takes a loss to finally gain. After grabbing my fanny pack and tying my shoes, I walked into the Louisville Athletic Club in New Albany, checked in and greeted my coach, Ryan Schrink. “Let’s get this workout started!” I enthused, as I breezed by him, hoping he’d follow. He didn’t….Read More

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