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The Mind of a Maniac

By Jim Biery Let me begin by stating this is not a “collect your participation trophy and orange slice” type of sporting event I am going to discuss today. Not even close, my friends. This is a soul-crushing, spirit-testing, physical and mental test that not only tries to crush the will of its participants, but…Read More

Travis Jamison

The Beauty of Hunting

By Jim Biery Man, do I miss watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and Elmer Fudd’s neverending quest to catch Bugs Bunny! It’s the classic tale of man in the wild trying to find food to provide for his family. Now, this classic cartoon did not come close to portraying such a life or death scenario…Read More


How the Grinch Failed to steal Christmas!

By Jim Biery Wow, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Reminds me of how fast the Grinch can come down a chimney and try to steal Christmas from all the Who’s in Whoville. Alright, I know that may be the lamest introduction to my column I’ve done all year. Can’t help it….Read More


CTE: Let’s Use Our Head on This

By Jim Biery When I was seven, I was a typical kid who couldn’t wait to go outside and play with my friends. As I ran down the hallway and started down the hardwood stairs, I was also trying to save time and put on my shirt in the process. Halfway down, I missed a…Read More


A Little Man’s Take On A Big Sports World | Tailgating: America’s True Fall Festival

By Jim Biery Take a deep breath. A really long deep breath. What do you smell? Maybe bratwurst? How about hamburgers and hot dogs? Maybe even lobster and shrimp. Has anyone ever had couscous at a tailgate? Thank goodness football season is here, and one of the best parts about this time of year is…Read More


A Little Man’s Take On A Big Sports World | The Business of Rebuilding

BY JIM BIERY As the Purdue Boilermakers begin their 2017 football season Sept. 2 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, they will be led out on the field by first-year head coach Jeff Brohm. Coach Brohm has led teams into battle before, most recently at Western Kentucky University where he led the Hilltoppers to consecutive…Read More


A Little Man’s Take On A Big Sports World | August 2017

The Circus Is Coming to Your Town (Or TV) By Jim Biery On May 21, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus performed for the last time, ending a tradition of thrilling and exciting (and, sometimes, enraging) people of all ages since 1919. Fortunately, for those of us willing to pony up money to…Read More


Baseball and Hot Dogs: The Perfect Doubleheader

Well, it’s hot, humid and the air is overbearingly thick. That can only mean one thing: July in the Ohio Valley. Typically, during this month when we look for the nearest pool, shade or simply stay inside our comfy air conditioned residence, I believe I have a much better idea to make July bearable, if…Read More


Fishing Buddies

By Jim Biery “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.” This famous quote is based on the principle of long-term stability by teaching self-sufficiency. The person that taught me this very useful lesson in life is my father. When I…Read More

Should We Talk About Practice?

By Jim Biery I know this is an infamous phrase Allen Iverson once uttered, but I feel there is a real necessity to live by these words. Unless you’re a diehard NBA fan, most of us have moved on from “How in the world did South Carolina make it to the Final Four?” to the…Read More