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Breakfast Buffet

Lesley’s Homestyle Cafe & Catering By Angie Fenton I grew up in a small town and have always loved locally-owned restaurants that embrace “downhome cooking” – added bonus if that also means including a bit of healthy fare on the menu, too. So, when friend Paul Kiger invited me and my family to New Middletown,…Read More


Darn You, Taco Tuesday

By Angie Fenton Each time I falter on my quest to get fit, I come back with a fervor. Recently, I allowed myself to be derailed by Taco Tuesday. No, I didn’t not want ground turkey tacos on a low-carb tortilla, I wanted to go to El Nopal and eat my weight in chips and…Read More


It’s Time for David Padgett to Diversify

By Zach McCrite know I have. David Padgett should do this. If I were David Padgett, save for a dream postseason by the Cardinals, I wouldn’t want to be at the University of Louisville after this season ends. That’s nothing against Padgett. Quite the opposite. I’m a fan of what he’s done at U of…Read More


The Cheat Sheet | Ramen Bowl

The Exchange Pub + Kitchen By Angie Fenton Photo by Matt Simpson I RECENTLY HAD one of those “close your eyes-I don’t want to talk to anyone-let me savor every bit of this” moments at The Exchange Pub + Kitchen. On the advice of Rod Juarez (who is the general manager at MESA, A Collaborative…Read More


The Mind of a Maniac

By Jim Biery Let me begin by stating this is not a “collect your participation trophy and orange slice” type of sporting event I am going to discuss today. Not even close, my friends. This is a soul-crushing, spirit-testing, physical and mental test that not only tries to crush the will of its participants, but…Read More


Working Toward Some Peace | FamFitter

By Adam & Kristin Kleinert  Last month, we briefly illustrated the effects stress often has on our family. If you didn’t catch that particular column, just know that the role stress plays in our household is significant, both individually and as a family unit. And, because we agreed that our current stressors are simply a…Read More


The Local College Hoops Scene Is Bonkers | The Final Say

By Zach McCrite What an unusual college sports landscape we’re in right now in Kentuckiana. Sure, pro sports chatter is primarily about the athletes. But in major, revenue-producing college athletics, the primary subject of the ire for media and fans (save for very few exceptions) is the head coach. And in our area, we’re in…Read More


The Endless Story of Tom Jurich

By Zach McCrite It never ends. Every month, I am given carte blanche to write about whatever I want to write about in this space. My goal, obviously, is to write about what people in the community want to read about when they open a Kentuckiana-based sports magazine. And every month, seemingly, here I am,…Read More


Stressed Out

You’ve read about how busy is our family, and, if you’re feeling that hustle and bustle is a recurring theme in our household, you’re spot on. It’s a way of life for us and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. We work at streamlining the stress when we can but, admittedly, we often become overwhelmed….Read More

Travis Jamison

The Beauty of Hunting

By Jim Biery Man, do I miss watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and Elmer Fudd’s neverending quest to catch Bugs Bunny! It’s the classic tale of man in the wild trying to find food to provide for his family. Now, this classic cartoon did not come close to portraying such a life or death scenario…Read More