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What’s in Your Lunchbox?

  Editor’s Note: Normally, Kristin Kleinert and her husband Adam pen this column together. This time, Kristin took the helm.  My job at our local school includes daily cafeteria duty for kindergarten/first grade lunch. Believe me when I say that this ritual is a whole institution in itself: It’s messy and chaotic, and it’s NEVER…Read More


The Final Say | September 2017

Role Play: If I Were Athletic Director At Louisville I should be an athletic director. Well, I guess I should first explain: I am not qualified to be an athletic director at the collegiate level. Why? Well, I’m not real good at raising money. You got to be the ringleader of raising a lot of…Read More


Stop Sitting on the Sideline

Forget your goals for a moment: Getting physically fit can be fun. Last month, I reported that I’m now facing a little hiccup in my quest to compete in a bodybuilding contest because of what’s informally called “mommy thumb” but is technically known as De Quervain Syndrome. My left hand has lost strength and mobility,…Read More


A Little Man’s Take On A Big Sports World | The Business of Rebuilding

BY JIM BIERY As the Purdue Boilermakers begin their 2017 football season Sept. 2 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, they will be led out on the field by first-year head coach Jeff Brohm. Coach Brohm has led teams into battle before, most recently at Western Kentucky University where he led the Hilltoppers to consecutive…Read More


Sirmon Says “Simple”

By Howie Lindsey Sirmon’s ‘simple’ defense might be what the Dr. ordered for Louisville WHAT’S THE OLD PHRASE? KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID? Well, for Louisville football, the defense might co-opt that acronym: KISS: Keep It Simple, Sirmon. Louisville coach Bobby Petrino made a change in his defensive coordinator at the end of the 2016…Read More


The Final Say | August 2017

Zach’s State Of College Football Address By Zach McCrite  Here ye, here ye. As we embark on another season of college football, in the backyard of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, it is I, the all-knowing (hardly), almighty (not really) Zach McCrite here, leader of Sports Gasbag Nation, to give you the State of College…Read More


Fam Fitter | Moving On

By Adam & KristinKleinert  Several months ago, we were privileged to meet with Case Belcher of Four Barrel CrossFit concerning our family wellness. Case developed a simple, efficient workout that could be done in the comfort of our home and adapted for the differing ages and fitness levels within our household. We shared it with…Read More


BodyBuilderMom | August 2017

Mommy Woes By Angie Fenton In January 2016, I gave birth to the little body I “built” inside my own. Months later, I made a commitment to get fit and – eventually – compete in a bodybuilding contest for what will be the fourth time. Yes, the latter is going to still happen, though not…Read More


A Little Man’s Take On A Big Sports World | August 2017

The Circus Is Coming to Your Town (Or TV) By Jim Biery On May 21, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus performed for the last time, ending a tradition of thrilling and exciting (and, sometimes, enraging) people of all ages since 1919. Fortunately, for those of us willing to pony up money to…Read More

Louisville Baseball’s Success Was Perfect Timing

The boys of summer were at it again in June. University of Louisville baseball was once again a College World Series participant. And they were the lipstick on the pig. Let me explain. For the fourth time in school history and third time in five years the Cardinals have made it to the promised land…Read More