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How Vegas helped bring down college basketball

“Everyone’s dirty – some are just dirtier than others.” That’s the line from an industry veteran that struck me. Everyone’s dirty? Everyone? It was the early 2000s and I was in Las Vegas watching the next generation of basketball talent sweat it out in high school gymnasiums scattered around the desert. At each gym –…Read More


Wiley Brown’s Success at Indiana University Southeast is No Surprise

By Howie Lindsey of 790 KRD | Photos by Danny Alexander Wiley Brown’s success as the head coach at Indiana University Southeast (IUS) isn’t a surprise to those who know him best. And it’s not really a surprise to those he has barely met. Brown seems to have that effect on people. “My grandmother rooted…Read More


790 KRD | From Ali to Kanye to Lamar: Adidas’ American BOOM is a Huge Boost for Louisville

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column was written and published in the print version of our October issue prior to the developments at the University of Louisville. Instead of pulling it from our website – because you can’t do that when something is published in print – the Extol Sports team made the decision to publish this…Read More


Sirmon Says “Simple”

By Howie Lindsey Sirmon’s ‘simple’ defense might be what the Dr. ordered for Louisville WHAT’S THE OLD PHRASE? KISS: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID? Well, for Louisville football, the defense might co-opt that acronym: KISS: Keep It Simple, Sirmon. Louisville coach Bobby Petrino made a change in his defensive coordinator at the end of the 2016…Read More


Buck The Trend: Let Your Kids Play ALL The Sports

By Howie Lindsey When you hear the word diversity what comes to mind? Skin tones? Political opinions? Socio-economic class? Let’s add another: Athletics. And no, for this article we aren’t addressing the importance of racial or cultural diversity within athletics teams, but rather the need for athletes to experience diversity in training methods and sports…Read More