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(Left to right) Stephen Walker, Tom Nunn, writer Jeff Nunn
and Kevin Blair, winners of the annual Sigma Phi Epsilon
Alumni Golf Scramble at Eagle Creek Golf Course in 2016.
Or maybe it was 2017. Either way, they won both.

Learning to Enjoy Golf with Age

By Jeff Nunn of When I was in my twenties, I would show up at the course about 10 minutes prior to my tee time, rush into the clubhouse, pay my green fees, hop on a cart, pull up to the first tee, take two practice swings and then swing out of my shoes…Read More


Aiming for a Perfect Round of Health

With every sport comes the risk for injury. Jeffrey S. Stephenson, M.D., sports health physician with Norton Orthopedic Specialists, treats athletes and has seen it all. He shared the most common golfrelated injuries and steps you can take to play pain-free this season. Lower Back Injuries Hopefully this golf season, the only back that needs…Read More



Who’s ready to go golfing? Our writers share how to enjoy the game at any age, keep healthy while playing it and why you should give disc golf a try. Tee Time Hardcore golfers play near year-round, but for the rest of us, the season is just now starting, and we couldn’t be more ready…Read More


Let It Fly

Ready to give disc golf a try? Disc golf is a fast-growing sport played outdoors with rules similar to “ball golf.” Its often played on a course with nine or 18 holes, though other formats are also used. Instead of balls and clubs, players use a flying disc, which is thrown from a tee to…Read More