B.You Be Beautiful

Look out, ladies! B.You Her Modern Fitness Boutique is Downtown New Albany’s latest addition. Be prepared to fall in love. 

Story by Steve Kauffman | Photos by Tony Bennett


Located at 302 Pearl St. in New Albany, B.YOU offers three workout alternatives:

Barre fitness, using a ballet barre and light hand weights to lengthen and tone muscles through tiny movements and isolated holds, with two-, three- and five-pound weights. “There’s not a wide range of motion exercises,” said Brooke Vernon, one of B.YOU’s instructors (who are actually called “inspirers”), “it’s all precisely controlled.”

Aerial fitness, in which clients are enveloped in and suspended by silque hammocks. “You use your own body weight to build strength, length and muscle,” Vernon said, “transforming your physique, head-to-toe.”

Trampoline fitness, incorporating the individual mini-rebounders along with hand-weights, to firm and tone muscle, improve balance and core strength, “all while being kind to our joints,” she said. “The rebounders absorb up to 80 percent of the shock to joints, versus that which you feel on roads, treadmills, running tracks and other hard surfaces.” Also, it’s a low bounce that utilizes the body’s core and pelvis to lift your feet off the ground. The goal is to stay low. “Forget what you think you know about those big backyard trampolines, with a lot of aimless bouncing and jumping.

This is very controlled, very targeted.” Within the three methods are several different classes, Vernon said: cardio, sculpting, high-intensity interval training, stretching, yoga/meditation.

“The goal is a well-rounded repertoire of fitness levels and classes,” said Stephanie Bristow, who co-owns B.YOU with Rashna Carmicle. “We want to offer everything anyone needs at one location, so she doesn’t have to have five gym memberships. And we now feel we have that great, well-rounded, complimentary offering, three workout options that balance each other out.”

A big part of B.YOU’s special sauce is its focus on women.

“We have women in their 60s, women who are pregnant, women who are in fantastic shape and women who would like to get into fantastic shape,” Bristow said. “If a woman comes in and she’s scared of the silque, or maybe she’s rehabbing an old injury, we won’t expect her to do more than she feels she’s capable of. We work with everyone, showing her how to work within her limitations. We also have a physical therapist on site to minimize anyone’s feeling of undue risk.”

Even the design of the space is meant to appeal to the woman, whether there on her lunch hour, between errands, on her way to school to pick up the kids or just seeking an hour of escape in a busy day.

“We went totally for the boutique-style fitness spa look and feel,” said Vernon. The drinking water is infused with lemon, the smells are aromatherapy, the lighting is modern and sleekly residential, the towels are clean, sweet-smelling and warm, and the music is soothing (until the workouts start, that is). “It is amazing how much interest and excitement there was for this in Southern Indiana.”

B.You B.Beautiful

Think athleisure is a trend? Think again. Fitness fashion as apparel is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier. We found some of our favorite options at B.YOU, which has a small boutique inside where you can purchase workout apparel from some of the top fitness brands, including Karma, Alo, Beyond Yoga, Shashi. Paired with the proper accessories, the athleisure wear offered at B.YOU can go practically anywhere, not to mention it’s comfortable, versatile, sassy and often sexy, too. Go from the studio to the street and look stylish doing it. Oh, athleisure, where have you been all our lives?

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